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Bel Aire Recovery Center blog articles in the field of substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery. Here you will find information and resources.

getting treatment for a substance disorder order, The Time is Now When it Comes to Sobriety, Delaying treatment
Way back in 1969, the band Chicago had a hit with a song from the group’s very first record. The song’s title is a question: “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” It’s a philosophical question (and truthfully, kind of an odd song). A close listen to the lyrics suggests that the answer to...
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Reflecting on the Recovery Journey – It’s The Climb
In 2009, Miley Cyrus was just a couple of years away from making the move from Disney Channel star to pop star. A key transitional moment, arguably, came with a song she recorded for Hannah Montana: The Movie—a song that listed Cyrus as the vocalist rather than her TV alter ego and that was a...
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swimming - mindfulness - drug treatment - addiction - rehab - therapy - mental health
There is a reasonable chance that when you hear someone mention mindfulness, you imagine a person sitting quietly with their eyes closed while they breathe in and out and don’t seem to do much else. And it is certainly the case that mindfulness practice often can be fairly described in those terms. The heart of...
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basketball, game, team, sports, sober, recovery, rehab
Let’s talk hoops. Let’s imagine you are a really good basketball player (heck, maybe you are a really good basketball player) and like to play the game. You might have the full collection of skills. You are a good ball handler, a good passer, can hit the three pointers but also shoot from midrange and...
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high five, support, help, therapy, team, plan, sober
Fans of 1980s television programs likely remember The A-Team, a popular action and adventure series. Before getting into a plan, each episode opened with a reminder of the team’s backstory: In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from...
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collegiate recovery program addiction recovery, Full Continuum of Care, plan, sober, treatment, therapy, rehab, to do
Aside from getting sober, imagine you have decided you would like to write a novel. For our purposes here, let’s say you have decided to pen a mystery novel—a murder, a private detective, a twisty plot, an exciting climax, and justice served in the end. Now imagine that today is the day you have decided...
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friends, men, helping, helping hand, hard things
Many things in life are challenging—and sometimes we convince ourselves that something that is hard or challenging is, in fact, impossible.  But most challenges can be overcome if we put our minds to it. Many things that seem all but undoable may, with effort and dedication, turn out to be…well…doable. Here’s an example: Imagine someone...
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arrow, sign, roadblock, recovery
When you think about it, it is kind of amazing how frequently we fail to do something we know we really ought to do, and the roadblocks we face.   You know you should go to bed, so you won’t be exhausted in the morning. But you stay up to binge a few more episodes...
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ladder, help, willpower, Green Lantern
A Ring, an Oath, and a Whole Lot of Willpower Are you familiar with the superhero known as Green Lantern? The most famous version of the DC Comics character is a fellow named Hal Jordan who (and you will just have to take our word for this if you aren’t a comics fan) is given...
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continuum of care, after discharge, group friends support commitment
When you think about getting treatment for a substance use disorder, you probably think of two key components: detoxification and rehabilitation. Those first two portions of treatment programs are so well known, they go by nicknames—detox and rehab. You probably noticed that we just called them the “first two portions of treatment.” Maybe you are...
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