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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol may be legal for adults over the age of 21, but this doesn’t mean drinking is without risk.

What is an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)? 

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a chronic relapsing brain disorder characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. It is a spectrum disorder ranging from mild to severe.

Even in the early stages, it can have significant impacts on a person’s physical and mental health. Key features of Alcohol Use Disorder include:

  • Loss of Control: Individuals with AUD may find it difficult to limit the amount of alcohol they consume and may have unsuccessful attempts to cut down or control their drinking.
  • Craving: There is a strong desire or urge to consume alcohol.
  • Physical Dependence: Tolerance to alcohol develops, requiring increased amounts to achieve the desired effect. Withdrawal symptoms may occur when not drinking. Excessive alcohol can alsocause damage to the liver and other organs. 
  • Continued Use Despite Harm: Individuals continue to drink despite knowing that it causes physical, psychological, or social problems.
  • Neglect of Other Activities: The use of alcohol takes up a significant amount of time, and other important activities are neglected.
  • Social and Interpersonal Issues: Problems may arise in relationships, work, or social situations due to alcohol use.
  • Neurological Issues: an alcohol use disorder can cause neurological impairment as well as damage to the liver and other organs. Increasing alcohol dependence can also lead to high anxiety levels, trouble handling stressful situations, and difficulty sleeping at night.

When drinking begins to take priority over all other aspects of your life, professional addiction treatment is needed.

Detox Is the First Step

Since withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous for someone who has a physical dependence, treatment at Bel Aire begins with a complete medical evaluation and a medically managed detox.

During this process, clients receive 24/7 monitoring from trained professionals to prevent complications, ensure safety, and make the experience as comfortable as possible.

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Setting the Stage for Lasting Recovery

To promote continued sobriety, individuals with a history of alcohol abuse must break old behavior patterns. They must learn healthy ways to cope with stress and manage their personal triggers. This is accomplished through intensive individual and group therapy, supported by holistic treatments such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and expressive arts therapy. Treatment plans are customized to fit each individual’s needs, considering co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety as well as personal sobriety goals.

Residential treatment at Bel Aire includes structured activities and monitoring. While the first few days of treatment may be filled with doubt, fears, and the physical symptoms of cravings, our support staff is available 24-hours a day when these feelings emerge during the off-therapy and nighttime hours.

A few of the long-lasting recovery skills that our clients establish during alcohol rehab at Bel Aire include:

  • Healthy coping skills
  • Positive identity development
  • Using the power of choice
  • Enforcing stable relationships
  • Noticing achievement and accomplishments

Building a Strong Support System

Even when only one person struggles to control their drinking, alcohol abuse affects the entire family. To rebuild trust and promote healthy communication, Bel Aire offers a family recovery program.

In our family program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set and keep healthy boundaries
  • Recognize patterns of co-dependence
  • Offer support without enabling
  • Manage stress by practicing self-care
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Rebuild trust in your relationship

A Full Continuum of Care

Research shows that aftercare is a vital part in promoting lasting recovery. Bel Aire’s team provides a full continuum of care by working with clients to develop a post-discharge plan that makes use of resources such as outpatient treatment, 12-Step or self-help groups, and community-based programs for individuals with substance use disorders. Addiction is a chronic illness, but you can lead a full and productive life when you have access to the resources you need to manage your disease.

Addictions are complex brain disorders that affect the entire body. Substance use begins for many reasons, and part of alcohol rehab at Bel Aire Recovery Center is understanding each person’s underlying issues. Our expert clinical team takes a holistic treatment approach and provides care and therapy that meets all needs of the person, including:

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Emotional
  • Nutritional
  • Spiritual

Alcohol rehab at Bel Aire also includes extensive family support and aftercare services.

There is always an opportunity to begin the path to recovery, and Bel Aire is ready to provide each client with the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment to turn that opportunity into long-term recovery from substance use. Contact us now, we are ready to help!

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