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bel aire recovery center - wichita kansas drug and alcohol rehabAbout Us

We are dedicated. We are experienced. We are professional. But you will read these words if you go to any treatment center’s website.
We are DIFFERENT. Here is why…

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Our Skilled Staff Came Together With a Common Vision of Treating People the Way We Would Want to Be Treated.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. People are different and their addiction experience is different. Therefore, our approach is to treat the individual and utilize the treatment techniques that work best for YOU. Not for the masses, but for YOU.

We are able to individualize our treatment by thoroughly assessing each client individually. We offer many different treatment modalities once we determine where an individual is at with their own addiction cycle.

Bel Aire Recovery Center’s Clinical Team bases much of your recovery in brain-based treatment. There have been many breakthroughs made in neuroscience, and we have discovered the brain can repair itself. What does this mean for addiction treatment?

Many of us have habits we have developed and those habits create a path in our brain to support that habit. The more we engage in the habit, the stronger the path becomes. Picture a well-worn path to a lake or special spot in the woods. Your brain has been trained to do a particular behavior so strongly that it avoids other paths. This has led to an addictive cycle. However, with intensive brain-based treatment, we can create NEW pathways. These pathways will include healthy choices that will bring pleasure in sober living. We can help you or your loved one to retrain the brain!

We believe that in order for addiction treatment to be successful, the chemical and physical aspects of the brain must be considered. We integrate this with counseling, support groups, exercise, spirituality and nutrition for a whole person approach.


Improve the lives we touch.


We are committed to achieving our mission by staying steadfast in these values:

  • Honesty- We work with integrity and fairness.
  • Competence- We strive to be the best and hold ourselves accountable.
  • Perseverance- We meet challenges with the resolve to succeed.
  • Passion- We are about what we do, each other, and who we serve.
  • Respect- We honor the human dignity of everyone we work with.
  • Teamwork- We succeed, and have fun, by pulling together.

bel aire recovery center - wichita kansas drug and alcohol rehabPhilosophy of Treatment

Our Treatment Philosophy is Built Around You

Addiction has a way of taking over your life, making you feel like you’re living in a dark place all alone. At Bel Aire Recovery Center, we know how to walk with you through the darkness and help you find hope and tools to get to the other side. We also know there is more to your story than your current struggle with addiction. We believe you can rebuild your life…and we can help.

“Alcohol was not my problem. My problem was that alcohol was my solution.” – Anonymous

We believe that addiction primarily develops as an attempt to solve a problem or ease pain or discomfort. Because of this, we approach your treatment with both a strong focus on achieving sobriety, and also on building skills to begin to heal the root cause of the addiction and subsequently prevent relapse.

Effects of Addiction on the Brain

Effects of addiction with the brain begins with a simple understanding of how your brain developed and responded to stress or trauma in your life. Our educational presentations explain how your brain, mind, and body responded further to the use of drugs or alcohol – as a way to ease stress or pain. This understanding of how your brain adapts can go a long way in explaining how and why addiction took over.

Brain based recovery sheds light on the progression of addiction as well as the way out of addiction into a state of renewal – a way to rebuild your life. This rebuilding is made possible by the renewal of neural networks within your brain. This process is called neuroplasticity – it is your brain’s capacity to continuously remodel itself.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

The Link Between Trauma and Substance Abuse:

Bel Aire Recovery Center works with each individual where they are, understanding that symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse can often be the by product of untreated or unresolved trauma. Often, the right question and approach for working with and in collaboration with trauma-survivors is finding out what has happened to each individual or family.

Trauma can be described as an event or series of events that have both short-term and long-term effects in our residents’ lives. How they have experienced those events are often psychologically distressing, life-changing, and even life-threatening. In certain situations, substance use and abuse can even be a trauma-response to such adversity.

Any of the following experiences can be traumatic:

  • Adverse childhood experiences like neglect, abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment
  • Family violence
  • Family mental illness
  • Community and/or cultural violence and mental illness
  • Family separation and/or divorce
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of loved ones through chronic illness and/or disease
  • Loss of homes or stable shelter
  • Medical issues, surgeries and chronic illness
  • Complex trauma; chronic experiences of varying traumas

Trauma-Informed Treatment:

Bel Aire Recovery Center integrates trauma-informed treatment and practices within all treatment activities. Overcoming trauma through developing long-term goal planning is a priority with Bel Aire Recovery Center. Credible trauma therapies develop effective coping skills and behaviors that prepare the individual for the hard work of addressing trauma. Addressing trauma without proper preparation is harmful and detrimental to recovery from addiction. We will help you develop the skills necessary to remain substance-free while healing from the trauma.

Our team of clinical professionals utilizes trauma-informed, strengths-based and culturally relevant approaches while working in collaboration with our residents to develop therapeutic interventions that provide education, relief, accountability, and healing to those we serve. Therapeutic and counseling evidence-based interventions include CBT, DBT, seeking safety, mindfulness-based therapy, art, music, meditation, and anger management.

Should you have clinical questions or need further information, please contact Clinical Director, Dawn Johnson. 

At Bel Aire Recovery Center, we seek to listen and learn. To understand and educate. To provide hope and tools.

At Bel Aire Recovery Center, we listen to your story and learn where you most need support – physically, emotionally, spiritually, in your relationships, or a combination of all those things.

We provide integrated and individualized treatment that works:

  • Physical support to detox and heal
  • Emotional support to stabilize and calm
  • Community support to rebuild relationships
  • Spiritual support to reconnect with your purpose

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Clayton Carr,

Mallory Capps,
Medical Provider

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Director of Business Development

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Director of Recovery Support 

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Business Office Management 

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Director of Admissions

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Facility Manager 

Kay Schrag - Outpatient Program Coordinator

Kay Schrag
Outpatient Program Coordinator

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Terica J Hall, RN
Director of Nursing

Paulina McCullar - Utilization Review Manager

Paulina McCullar
Utilization Review Manager

You Deserve Freedom

Lasting Recovery Is Possible

We Are Dedicated to Helping You Get There.

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