You Deserve Freedom

Aftercare Support

Research Shows that Aftercare Is a Vital Part of Promoting Lasting Recovery.

BARCs commitment to helping our clients break free from the burden of addiction doesn’t end after discharge from residential treatment. In fact, we begin building your plan for discharging from treatment as soon as you are admitted.

Just as residential services are individualized to meet your unique needs, so are the plans for ongoing support after graduating the Bel Aire Recovery Center program. Your treatment team will research all possible support services in your home area and connect you with resources that will give you the best chance of long-term success. Some of these resources include:

  • Intensive outpatient counseling
  • Referral to private therapists for ongoing mental health
  • Connection to local support groups (AA/NA, Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery)
  • Sober Living Environments
  • Other supportive resources in your community

Our Commitment to Helping Our Clients Break Free from the Burden of Addiction Doesn’t End After Discharge from Residential Treatment.

When you graduate from Bel Aire Recovery Center you will receive a detailed plan outlining aftercare resources in your home community. These resources are critical to your ongoing recovery work and can provide the accountability, structure and support you’ll need to continue your transformation.

We also keep in touch with you post-discharge, and love the opportunity to keep updated about your recovery efforts. We will assist in finding new aftercare opportunities when necessary.

You Deserve Freedom

Transformation is Possible

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