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Family Program

Watching someone you love struggle with an addiction is devastating and draining. The addiction can make your family member behave in ways that are completely out of character. You may be dealing with intense feelings of anger, frustration, and anxiety in addition to worries about your loved one’s recovery.

Addiction affects the entire family, whether a parent is abusing prescription opioids or a spouse has developed an addiction to illegal street drugs. To help heal fractured relationships, BARC offers a family program that includes education about the disease of addiction as well as suggestions for how family members can practice self-care while providing their loved ones with the support they need to stay clean and sober.

Recovery is About More than Simply Abstaining from Drugs or Alcohol.

It’s also about rebuilding relationships that have been damaged in the course of the addiction. At BARC, we understand that your entire family needs support. We offer a comprehensive family program for spouses, parents, and adult children of clients seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Our family program emphasizes both education and support. Education is provided about the effects of addiction on key brain circuits and how, in recovery, those brain circuits can be re-wired. This concept of rewiring the brain is not only useful and practical…it is also incredibly hopeful.

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Emotional support is also a key component of our family program. Knowing that you are not alone is a powerful and comforting thought you can experience by participating in your loved one’s recovery. Family therapy, educational workshops, and family groups provide you with the opportunity to learn and support your loved one in finding new ways to have healthier relationships.

Here are five important ways that Family Systems Therapy can be applied to recovery: 

  • Establishing Boundaries: In recovery, it’s crucial to set appropriate boundaries to support the individual’s sobriety. Family Systems Therapy can assist both the individual in recovery and their family members in understanding and respecting each other’s boundaries. 
  • Addressing Codependency: Codependency is a common issue in families with addiction, where family members enable substance use by accommodating or covering up for the addicted individual. Family Systems Therapy can help family members recognize and address codependent behaviors.
  • Strengthening Support Systems: Family Systems Therapy focuses on strengthening the support system around the individual in recovery. It involves working with family members to become allies in the recovery journey rather than triggers for relapse. 
  • Enhancing Family Communication: Effective communication is essential for understanding each family member’s needs and promoting a supportive atmosphere. Family Systems Therapy can teach healthy communication skills, such as active listening and expressing emotions constructively. 
  • Promoting Empathy and Understanding: Addiction can lead to strained relationships and emotional distance within the family. Family Systems Therapy aims to promote empathy and understanding among family members, fostering a sense of connection and unity. 
You Deserve Freedom

Loved Ones Can Recover Too

Our Family Program Brings Healing To Everyone.

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