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Misinformation, Misinformation Misses the Mark When It Comes to Recovery -- Part Two
Misinformation Misses the Mark When It Comes to Recovery — Part Two In a recent entry, we began the process of replacing some bad information about substance use disorders and recovery with good information.  As we noted last time out, there are little snippets of so-called “accepted wisdom” out in the world that everyone seems...
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Misinformation Misses the Mark When It Comes to Recovery — Part One Have you ever heard that you need to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you go swimming? Or have you been told that sitting too close to your television will damage your eyes? Or how about being told that if you...
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A Pop Culture Countdown of Recovery Advice – Part Two
In a recent entry, we started a Casey Kasem-inspired countdown of our favorite pop culture references across our blog.  Numbers ten through six included: Budgeting is Important (Popeye) A Collection of Quick Tips (Classic Catchy Songs) Recovery is a Journey (“Life Is a Highway” and “It’s the Climb”) Questions of Willpower Don’t Apply to Recovery...
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Pop Culture Countdown of Recovery Advice, recovery advice,
If you have read a number of our blog entries, you may have noticed that we have a tendency to use various aspects of pop culture—songs, movies, comics, and more—to make our various points about sobriety and the recovery journey. In this entry, we will use another staple of pop culture—the countdown, as popularized by...
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How Bel Aire Recovery Center Supports Our Alums, Continuum of Care
When you think about the key parts of treatment for substance use disorders, detox and rehab probably come to mind right away. And that makes sense. After all, medically supervised detoxification is what allows a person with a substance use disorder to safely reclaim their sobriety. And rehabilitation—including group and individual therapy—is the part of...
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Sobriety Highway,
You probably know the song “Life Is A Highway.” You might be most familiar with the Rascal Flatts version, but we are partial to this somewhat bizarre video for Tom Cochrane’s original recording. (We strongly discourage you from playing the harmonica in the middle of the highway.) In the song, the singer suggests a series...
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Signs of addiction, Signs of an Alcohol Issue, Signs of Alcohol Misuse
Signs help us make good decisions. Traffic signs—stop, yield, lane ends, one way, and more—help keep everyone on the road safe. Signs pointing to the restrooms or identifying the exits or revealing whether a business is open or closed help us travel through public spaces. And in extremely busy spots—the airport, a stadium, a performing...
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High Functioning to Rock Bottom
For folks who are dead set on denying they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, there are two distinct lies they may tell themselves (and others). The first is: Look how well my life is going. There is no way I have a problem! The second is: Things have been a little rocky lately....
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Tactical Recovery is a Great Sobriety Strategy for Veterans
Serving in the United States Armed Forces can be a great source of pride for many of the brave individuals who make up the ranks of the various branches of the military. A sense of fellow-feeling and mutual support—as well as a clear set of expectations and responsibilities—are hallmarks of military service. All too often,...
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Summer is a Great Time to Start Exercising for Your Recovery
You already know you should be exercising, right? You hardly need us to tell you that exercise has benefits for your physical health. You don’t need us to explain that exercise has benefits for your mental health, too. And you probably already understand that activities that benefit your physical health and your mental health also...
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