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Summer is a Great Time to Start Exercising for Your Recovery
You already know you should be exercising, right? You hardly need us to tell you that exercise has benefits for your physical health. You don’t need us to explain that exercise has benefits for your mental health, too. And you probably already understand that activities that benefit your physical health and your mental health also...
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Recovery Journal
In an earlier blog post, we offered three ideas for activities that can help lower your stress level while supporting your ongoing sobriety. Our three recovery tips were: make a budget, tidy a mess, and start a journal. We still think those are all good ideas. A budget can reduce the stress you feel about...
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Memoirs Reveal You Are Not Alone in Recovery
Sometimes, even when you are surrounded by supportive friends and family, it can feel as though you are going through recovery all alone. After all, most of the people around you have no actual experience with a substance use disorder and the challenges that come with working to stay sober. (An important exception, of course,...
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Outdoor portrait of happy beautiful young woman relaxing in mountains over the clouds, wearing grey pullover
Do you consider yourself an extrovert or an introvert? Extroverts often find social interaction to be fun and energizing. Introverts often find quiet time alone to be more fulfilling and energizing. So if you are the kind of person who can’t wait to go to the party, you are likely extroverted. And if you are...
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Managing Cravings is Key to Lasting Sobriety, Manage cravings for drugs or alcohol
There are some things we can count on in our lives. The sun will come up in the morning (even if we would like to sleep in). Winter follows fall (whether we like the cold weather or not). The moon will move through its cycles (though we may disagree about how—or if—that impacts behavior). Here...
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Three “Be”s for Recovery,
Frequently, we think of things in groups of three here in this blog. We offered “Three Recovery Tips: Make a Budget, Tidy a Mess, Start a Journal.” We highlighted “Three Groups that Can Be Great Supporters of Your Sobriety.” We have provided “Three Hobby Suggestions to Support Recovery.” And we have considered “Three Roadblocks to...
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What if You and Your Partner Aren’t on the Same Sobriety Page?, Sobriety, Sobriety Partner
Two Great Things That Might Not Go Great Together You have reclaimed your sobriety. You are in love. Taken one at a time, each of those things is simply wonderful. Taken together, however, those two things can be in conflict—especially if your partner does not want to give up drugs or alcohol. Whether your partner...
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nighttime anxiety, Avoid Allowing Evening Anxiety to Upset Your Sobriety, Anxiety, Insomnia, Relapse triggers, Caffeine,
Do you experience higher levels of anxiety in the evening? There is a good chance that you, like many others, find nighttime to be the part of your day during which you feel most anxious. That anxiety can disrupt your ability to get the rest you need—and that can be the beginning of a negative...
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Three Hobby Suggestions to Support Recovery
For many of us, it seems like our time is a scarce resource—and a resource that is mostly used for other people. We give 40 hours (probably more) each week to our boss. We give hours to our families or partners in the form of household chores or running kids from here to there or...
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Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, Symptoms of PAWS
There is Withdrawal—And Then There is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome We write about the challenges of withdrawal fairly frequently. The symptoms of withdrawal from any number of substances can be extremely difficult to withstand. A person using drugs or alcohol can easily find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place: they want to quit...
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