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Memoirs Reveal You Are Not Alone in Recovery
Sometimes, even when you are surrounded by supportive friends and family, it can feel as though you are going through recovery all alone. After all, most of the people around you have no actual experience with a substance use disorder and the challenges that come with working to stay sober. (An important exception, of course,...
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Step by Twelve Steps – An Introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous
Most of us have a pretty good idea of what an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is like—at least in broad outline. People gather together in someplace like a church basement, share something from their lives and recovery journey (if they are so inclined), and enjoy some coffee and cookies. That much has been depicted in countless...
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Countdown to Reclaim Calm and Manage Anxiety. As for the exercise itself, it is all about your senses, starting with your sense of sight.
When you hear the word “countdown,” what comes to mind?  Our guess is that you think of quite a number of things before you think about a way to manage anxiety. You might think of the countdown to a rocket launch. You might think of a weekly countdown of the most popular songs in the...
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Pill - Xanax, Different Drugs
We cover a lot of ground in this blog, tacking all sorts of issues related to substance use disorders, treatment, and the recovery journey. There is, if we do say so ourselves, a pretty impressive collection of content to be found here. But with lots of content comes the danger that it can be hard...
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Restart After a Relapse
It always seems to happen when you are trying to do something important. All of sudden your phone or your computer or your tablet seems to slow to a crawl. Images won’t load, applications or programs crash or freeze, and no matter how many times you click on something nothing seems to happen. It is...
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September is a Month for Celebrating Recovery
You probably know that each month of the year has several designated causes, ideas, or activities associated with it. But you may not be aware of just how many designations there are! Here are just a few of the various causes that are associated with specific months.  Some of them are related to history and...
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parent using drugs or alcohol, Parents with Untreated Substance Use Disorders
If you are a parent, you want the best for your children. But if you are a parent struggling with drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult to provide your kids with the love and attention they deserve. Worse, your substance use disorder can have lasting effects on the lives of your children. The experiences...
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