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The Time is Now When it Comes to Sobriety

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Way back in 1969, the band Chicago had a hit with a song from the group’s very first record. The song’s title is a question: “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

It’s a philosophical question (and truthfully, kind of an odd song). A close listen to the lyrics suggests that the answer to the question is “no.” The song argues not only that it is unlikely that anybody really knows what time it is, but also that it is silly to even care about what time it is. Maybe that sort of thinking resonates with you. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still a pretty catchy tune.

But we would argue that its philosophical conceit doesn’t always apply in the real world. For example, when it comes to getting help for a substance use disorder, we absolutely know exactly what time it is. It is time to get help.

The Dangers of Procrastination

Here’s a simple fact: We all procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes we are faced with a task we just don’t feel like tackling. And so we find other things to do. It doesn’t really matter what those other things might be—as long as they help us put off the thing we don’t want to do. Ironically, we often procrastinate for a period of time longer than it would take us to just do the thing.

That irony notwithstanding, a little procrastination is, generally speaking, no big deal. While you probably don’t want to make a habit of missing deadlines at work or of ignoring the “check engine” light in your car or of not paying your bills on time, in most situations, putting something off is likely to have minimal consequences.

But that simply is not true when the thing you are putting off is getting treatment for a substance disorder order.

That’s because each day you spend struggling with drugs or alcohol is another day damage is being done to your physical and mental health—and you are risking truly dire consequences. And even if you realize this (and you probably do), you may discover that efforts to quit on your own are thwarted by withdrawal symptoms that push you back toward the substances you are trying to give up.

Meanwhile, your relationships are likely fraying, you may be finding it impossible to do your job or your schoolwork, and your finances might be upside down. 

All in all, each day of delay makes everything worse.

None of the ‘Reasons’ for Delay Add Up

Maybe you are embarrassed to have developed a substance use disorder and have been trying to hide the problem from others—and from yourself. Maybe you are convinced that if you just had more willpower or more faith or more strength of character you could kick this problem to the curb without assistance. Maybe you think you can just brazen it out and somehow something will change for the better.

Whatever “reason” you might be offering yourself as an excuse for avoiding treatment, it isn’t a good one. There is no upside to delay when it comes to regaining your sobriety.

Don’t talk yourself out of taking the all-important step that will start you on the road to recovery.

Worth Saying One More Time: The Time is Now

In 1984, the band Chicago had another hit with a song titled “You’re the Inspiration” from the group’s 17th record (cleverly titled Chicago 17). We are hopeful that we have been an inspiration to you if you are struggling with drugs or alcohol.

At Bel Aire Recovery Center in Kansas, we provide personalized care that will allow you to get sober and give you the tools to stay sober over time. The process starts with medically supervised detoxification that carries you through the rigors of withdrawal. Detox is followed by rehabilitation, which includes both group and individual therapy—and addresses any co-occurring mental health disorders that might be entangled with your challenges with substance use. And then we provide a continuum of care, which means you have access to resources and ongoing support in the early days of your recovery journey.

Our work is grounded in evidence-based practices, years of experience, high levels of expertise, and a commitment to treating every person we serve with empathy and respect

If you are using drugs or alcohol, the clock is ticking—and things only get worse as the time slips by. Don’t wait. Reach out to Bel Aire Recovery Center today so that we can help you reclaim your sobriety and your life.

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