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What to Expect When You’re in Treatment

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Many people find themselves having a hard time making the decision to get the treatment they need for a substance use disorder. Often, that hesitancy is grounded in fear of—or at least nervousness about—the unknown. That is only natural. Even when we find ourselves in a bad situation, muddling through can seem preferable to taking a risk or exposing ourselves to judgment or ridicule. Sometimes, we just can’t bring ourselves to ask anyone to help us or to explain something we don’t understand so that we can move forward with more confidence.

Sometimes, it can help to read something that can answer questions you may be too nervous to ask—or even not realize you should ask. That’s the purpose, for example, of the famous book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which provides answers and guidance to those who are pregnant.

In that spirit (and in far fewer words), we offer “What to Expect When You’re in Treatment.”

The Beginning of Treatment: Detoxification

Getting drugs or alcohol out of your system is the first priority of treatment. That is why the process starts with detoxification (often called “detox”). 

One of the reasons detoxification is so essential is that it can be exceptionally difficult to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own. A person in the grips of a substance use disorder often finds themselves caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. They want to give up drugs or alcohol, but when they do, they experience cravings that are so strong—and other withdrawal symptoms that are so unpleasant—that they return to the substance in question in the hope of finding relief. It can quickly become a vicious cycle.

Detoxification breaks the cycle. It does so, first, by ensuring that you do not have access to drugs or alcohol. That is a significant benefit of going through detox, because ready availability of drugs or alcohol works very much to your disadvantage while trying to get sober. 

In addition, at Bel Aire Recovery Center, we offer both holistic treatments (like counseling and behavioral therapy) and medication-assisted treatment under the supervision of an around-the-clock medical team. This combination of strategies is known as a “whole patient” approach, and it has been shown to serve individuals well during the detoxification process.

Next Up: Rehabilitation

Once you have made it through detox, it is time to learn about resources and strategies that can help you maintain your hard-won sobriety. It is also the right moment to address any co-occurring mental health disorders that may be in play.

The rehabilitation process is grounded in both individual and group therapy. The specific therapy (or therapies) you participate in will be personalized to meet your unique needs. A highly trained therapist will work with you to determine how best to move forward with individual therapy.

For many, the notion of group therapy is worrisome—especially for those who are introverted by nature. It is perfectly normal for group therapy to seem awkward or embarrassing at first, but the benefits of spending time with others who understand what you have been through and what you are going through now are substantial. The mutual support system that can be formed in group therapy provides a firmer foundation upon which to build your lasting sobriety when your recovery journey begins.  

Support Beyond Treatment: Our Continuum of Care

You may be under the impression that treatment for a substance use disorder exists wholly apart from your day-to-day life. You enter a facility like Bel View Recovery Center, go through the program, and then head back into the world to fend for yourself.

Happily, that is not the case at all. At Bel Aire, we are committed to providing a continuum of care, meaning that you will continue to have access to resources and support from us as your recovery journey gets underway. There are certain to be challenges ahead, and we are ready to help you meet them head on. 

And should you experience a relapse, we will be ready to start the process again with compassion and the full benefit of our expertise. For many people, recovery has its ups and downs—including relapses—but you can always recommit to your sobriety. And we will always be eager to help.

You Can Expect the Best of Us

At Bel Aire Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care that will help you regain and maintain your sobriety. We expect nothing less of ourselves.

Looking for treatment near Wichita? For more information about programs offered at Bel Aire Recovery Center, contact us today. We are ready to help you transform your life.

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