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A Pop Culture Countdown of Recovery Advice – Part One

Pop Culture Countdown of Recovery Advice, recovery advice,

If you have read a number of our blog entries, you may have noticed that we have a tendency to use various aspects of pop culture—songs, movies, comics, and more—to make our various points about sobriety and the recovery journey. In this entry, we will use another staple of pop culture—the countdown, as popularized by famed radio personality Casey Kasem—as a framing device.

As  Casey used to say, “The numbers get smaller; the hits get bigger.” Over the course of this blog and another entry, we are going to count down our 10 favorite pieces of recovery advice we have offered, using pop culture references to get our point across.

Number Ten: Budgeting is Important (Popeye)

Money can be a real source of stress in a person’s life—especially when there never seems to be enough of it. That is why we believe it is important for people in recovery from a substance use disorder to make—and stick to—a budget. Knowing how much money is coming in and how much is going out is an excellent way to reduce the amount of stress in your life. And less stress in your life makes it more likely you will be able to maintain your sobriety over time.

Our pop culture reference for budgeting was the character Wimpy from the Popeye comics, cartoons, and movies. Wimpy was always trying to get a hamburger without having to pay for it immediately. You can get our full budgeting advice in a blog titled Pay for the Hamburger Today Instead of Tuesday: Budgeting Supports Your Sobriety.

Number Nine: A Collection of Quick Tips (Classic Catchy Songs)

Another way to reduce the amount of stress in your life is to tidy up the spaces you live and work in. Taking control of all the piles and clutter in your life helps support your sobriety. Meanwhile, the process known as “urge surfing”—which is a mindfulness technique—can help you deal with cravings when they arise. And spending time with friends and family or making music (or making music with family and friends) can increase your levels of happiness—which in turn firms up the foundations of your sobriety.

Our pop culture reference for this collection of tips was a set of beloved songs including “Straighten Up and Fly Right,” “Surfin’ Safari,” and “Come On Get Happy.” Give those records a spin with a blog titled “Classic Catchy Tunes Offer Some Unexpected Recovery Advice.”

Number Eight: Recovery is a Journey (“Life Is a Highway” and “It’s the Climb”)

Admittedly, the great Casey Kasem never tried to squeeze two separate countdown entries into one slot. But we have often written about the ways in which recovery is a journey rather than a specific destination. It’s an important idea to keep in mind when times are tough—and even when things are going well.

Our pop culture references for this concept include Tom Cochrane’s (and Rascal Flatts’) hit song “Life Is a Highway” and Miley Cyrus’s smash “It’s the Climb.” Check out entries “The Sobriety Highway Might Have Twists and Turns” and “Reflecting on the Recovery Journey – It’s The Climb.”

Number Seven: Questions of Willpower Don’t Apply to Recovery (Green Lantern)

Far too many people think that a person struggling with drugs or alcohol has too little character, too little faith, and/or too little willpower. But a substance use disorder is a treatable brain disease—not a reflection on a person’s own inability to will themselves into sober living. In fact, the idea that willpower is all that is needed to give up drugs and alcohol or to stay sober in recovery is a dangerous one that can prevent someone from getting the help they need.

Our pop culture reference for questions of willpower was Green Lantern, a superhero whose power is based on his own willpower (as projected through a mysterious ring, naturally). For more, fly over to an entry titled “You Are Not Green Lantern – Don’t Rely Solely on Your Willpower.”

Number Six: Hearty Laughter Help Buoy Your Recovery (Abbott and Costello)

Let’s face it: Recovery is a sobering subject.

Okay, that bit is more of a groaner than a joke likely to elicit laughter, but it still makes an important point. Often, substance use disorders and the recovery journey are serious things that must be addressed in consistent, ongoing ways. And that does not always seem like a lot of fun. Still and all, laughter, as the old saying goes, can be the best medicine. Seeking out moments of joy in life is a great way to shore up your recovery—and to simply make life more enjoyable.

Our pop culture reference for this concept was a range of comedic actors who have been making people laugh for years and years—including Abbott and Costello. Check out the hijinks in an entry titled “Laughter and Sobriety Go Together Like Abbott and Costello.”

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