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Three Hobby Suggestions to Support Recovery

Three Hobby Suggestions to Support Recovery

For many of us, it seems like our time is a scarce resource—and a resource that is mostly used for other people.

We give 40 hours (probably more) each week to our boss. We give hours to our families or partners in the form of household chores or running kids from here to there or managing the finances. We give hours to our faith communities, to organizations that we support through volunteering, or even to our pets.

And make no mistake: All of those things are important—and can even support your ongoing sobriety.

But when you add up all those hours (and factor in time for sleeping!), you may well discover that your bank of time is close to empty—leaving little time that is truly for you.

To fully rest, recharge, and de-stress, you need to reclaim some of your time to focus on things you enjoy. Doing so can support your physical health, your mental well-being, and your sobriety. The trick can be finding an activity or activities that are renewing to you and then carving out the time to actually engage in those activities. 

Let’s tackle both issues. We have three hobbies to suggest that might strike your fancy—or at least get you thinking in creative ways about activities that might appeal to you. And we have a suggestion for how to reclaim the time you need to enjoy some time that is really all for you.

Hobby Options to Spark Ideas

The most important thing about a hobby is that it is something you find engrossing and enjoyable. Your hobby should give your body and mind a chance to focus on something other than the stresses of daily life. These three suggestions are just a few of the many, many hobbies you might pursue.

  • Get in the garden: Gardening can be a wonderful hobby that provides a whole range of benefits that support your sobriety. Whether you grow flowers or food or some combination, gardening provides exercise and access to sunlight (be sure to wear sun protection, but feel good about the vitamin D you are getting!), can unlock your creativity as you try new things or design the layout of your garden, and can provide ongoing beauty and/or healthful food.
    • Related hobby: Getting serious about cooking can also be an engaging, healthy activity.
  • Make some music: Did you play an instrument or sing in the choir when you were a kid? Consider taking it up again! You might sign up for some lessons or find a community music group that accepts musicians of varying ability. Heck, you could even start a garage band. Whether you play or sing only for yourself or for others, making music offers you a chance to find relaxation and pleasure in an artistic endeavor.
    • Related hobby: Becoming a regular attendee of concerts or other arts events like dance or theater performances can boost your mental health while providing real enjoyment and relaxation. 
  • Put together a puzzle: For plenty of people, putting together jigsaw puzzles makes a wonderful hobby because they engage the mind in such a way that it is easier to stay in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. In that way, they are akin to mindfulness practice. Whether you prefer puzzles with a couple hundred pieces that can be assembled in a single sitting or puzzles with thousands of pieces that you can work on over time, this hobby can help you relax.
    • Related hobby: Maybe jigsaw puzzles are not your thing, but other kinds of puzzles—crossword, Wordle, sudoku, and so on—are more your speed. The sweet spot is finding puzzles that are pleasantly challenging but not so difficult that you feel frustration rather than enjoyment.

Put Your Hobby in Your Daily Planner

Your daily planner or calendar is where you note down all your important appointments, meetings, and deadlines, right? It keeps you on track and helps you make sure you don’t double book yourself. 

We would argue, then, that the daily planner is the perfect spot for you to block out some regular time for your hobby. As we have noted, a hobby supports your sobriety—and staying sober is the most important thing on your schedule.

Take the Time to Get the Help You Need

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, you might understand that you need help, but you might feel as though all of your responsibilities—the many things that take up your time—prevent you from seeking treatment. We would urge you to carve out the time you need to get help for a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorders. It is an absolutely essential use of your time.

At Bel Aire Recovery Center—located near Wichita, Kansas—we offer personalized treatment that will help you get sober and give you the resources and support you need to stay sober. The time to get help is always right now, and we are ready to help you make a meaningful change in your life. 

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