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two male friends smiling - one has his arm around the other's shoulders - friend
The modern world—and social media in particular—has changed the way we think about the word “friend.” Heck, in current usage, the steadfast noun can even be used as a verb, as is: “Hey, I friended you. Why haven’t you accepted my friend request?” Friends vs Acquaintances But let’s face it, the vast majority of people...
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group of four friends visiting over coffee at a table in a cafe or restaurant - misconceptions
Misconceptions About Addiction Imagine yourself sitting at a table with three other people. Maybe you have come together for a meal or to play cards or just to enjoy each other’s company. The conversation wanders here and there, as conversations do, until one person—maybe it’s you—mentions a mutual friend who has been drinking too much....
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pretty young woman sitting on the couch at home looking at her smart phone, relaxing alone - newly sober
When a person is struggling with a substance use disorder, their relationships often fall apart. Maybe they have let their coworkers down again and again, so their work relationships are strained. Maybe they have borrowed money from family or friends to support their habit and failed to pay it back. Maybe their erratic behavior has...
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soldier sitting in a chair - veterans
Members of the armed forces—particularly those who spend time in combat zones—face many challenges during their time in the service. And for many, those challenges follow them home in one form or another after their service has been completed. As a result, many veterans turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. In fact,...
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Lady Yelling - Angry
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could go through life and never feel anger—not because we’re suppressing the emotion, but because we simply don’t have anything to feel angry about? Anger in Recovery But in reality, of course, we have plenty to be angry about. Like getting cut off in traffic. Or the boss dropping...
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Event Red Carpet - Substance Abuse
When you are in the grips of a substance use disorder, it is all too easy to convince yourself that your situation is unique. You might believe that you would not be struggling with drugs and alcohol if only your life were just a little bit better. If you were not struggling to make ends...
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Woman refusing a drink - Addiction
For the person who is experiencing it, the development of a substance use disorder can feel like a rapid descent—almost a free fall—from being a sober individual to being someone who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The reality is that a substance use disorder develops over a period of time and generally involves...
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Woman Organizing - cleanliness
You have probably heard the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” It’s sort of an odd saying—and one many people wrongly believe is from the Bible. It probably does have its roots in ancient religion, and may have originally referred to the idea that purity of body and/or spirit is adjacent to a godly behavior....
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Homeless woman lay down on the ground holding alcohol - Help
“Well, one more won’t hurt, right?” We’ve all said about any number of things. One more piece of candy. One more episode in our binge. One more call to an ex. One more drink. And it is a seductive notion, isn’t it? We tend not to think about cumulative effects. We just think in terms...
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