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Boggled by our Blog? Here’s Our Greatest Hits Collection

Imagine you are putting in some extra hours at the office. You think everyone else has gone home, so you decide to indulge a little. Instead of listening to your favorite music through your earphones, you decide to see what kind of sound you can coax out of your computer speakers. You find your new jam, turn up the volume, and start doing a little chair dancing as you are catching up on your work.

“Wow, I have loved that band for, like, twenty years!” a voice behind you declares.

You are, of course, startled since you thought you were the only person around. But then you are a little confused. Aren’t you listening to a new song by a new artist? You pose that question to your coworker standing in your doorway.

“Well, yeah, that’s a new song. But that band has been around forever,” they say. “Truthfully? I like their old stuff better. You should really check it out.”

They head on down the hallway, and you do a quick internet search. Sure enough, this band you just discovered has a huge discography. That’s both exciting and a little bit daunting.

And then you spot it: a greatest hits collection. Now you can get a sense of the band’s history before deciding whether to go all in.

Maybe you have arrived at this blog looking for some information about substance use disorder treatment and/or ways to support your ongoing recovery, but find yourself a little bit daunted by the sheer number of entries. You certainly aren’t sure you are up for reading them all, and you also aren’t quite certain where to start. 

We get it. And we think this entry serves as a great starting point. 

Think of it as the Bel Aire Recovery Center Blog Greatest Hits Collection. (Yeah, we know that’s a terrible name for a band.)

Track Listings – Essential Bel Aire Blog Entries

Track One: A Checklist for Finding the Right Treatment Center for a Loved One (or Yourself)

Track Two: What to Expect When You’re in Treatment

Track Three: Making the Connection: Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Track Four: Variety Pack: A Look at the Various Kinds of Therapy (Part One)

Track Five: Variety Pack A Look at the Various Kinds of Therapy (Part Two)

Track Six: The Pink Cloud May Not Always Have a Silver Lining

Track Seven: Get Smart About SMART Recovery as an Option for Your Recovery Journey

Track Eight: When It Comes to Getting to Sleep, What’s Good for a Child Is Good for You, Too

Track Nine: Good Recovery Results Require Good Nutritional Choices

Track Ten: Head Out Into Nature, Explore the Wonderful World, and Support Your Recovery

Track Eleven: Mind(fulness) Over Matter – Focusing on the Present Moment Supports Recovery

Track Twelve: Moving Forward After Relapse: Understanding the Cycle of Recovery

A Couple of Bonus Tracks, a Couple of Hidden Tracks, and a Remix

Sometimes, when you shop around for an album, you discover that some retailers have their own versions of a record with bonus tracks included. And if you are old enough to have owned compact discs, you might remember encountering a few hidden tracks—songs that were not listed in the liner notes and that sometimes did not start playing unless you let the CD keep spinning for quite some time after the “last” song. And these days, it seems like every hit song has at least one remix.

In the spirit of bonus tracks, hidden tracks, and remixes here are a few more blog entry suggestions.

Bonus Track One: The Jargon Can Be Jarring – A Guide to the Language of Recovery (Part One)

Bonus Track Two: The Jargon Can Be Jarring – A Guide to the Language of Recovery (Part Two)

Hidden Track One: A Step-By-Step Look at 12-Step Meetings

Hidden Track Two: What if 12-Step Programs Aren’t the Right Steps for Your Recovery?

Remix One: Mindfulness in Motion – Exercise, Stay Present, and Support Your Sobriety

There is No Bigger Hit Than Sobriety

At Bel Aire Recovery Center in Kansas, our full focus is on helping individuals regain and maintain their sobriety. We work on helping you get healthy with the same enthusiasm a great recording artist uses to produce their next smash hit. You can count on our expertise, experience, empathy, and evidence-based practices to provide you with exceptional care and support. Our medically supervised detox program, personalized approach to rehabilitation (which includes addressing co-occurring mental health disorders), and promise of a continuum of care are all designed with you and your lasting sobriety in mind. When you are ready to make a change, we are ready to help.

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