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June 2021
Calming down a woman - Benzos
The drugs in the class known as benzodiazepines—or benzos for short—are generally used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. While we all feel a sense of anxiety from time to time, a person with a disorder rooted in anxiety or panic may experience those feelings constantly or with particular intensity—or both. For those struggling with...
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Pill Capsules - PCP
If someone told you that they knew an easy way to help you set aside all of the stress in your life, you would probably be fairly intrigued. PCP and Stress After all, stress is a part of everyone’s life—and frequently it seems as though that stress will overwhelm us. For some people, even attempts...
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Lady at Desk - Burnout
Recovery from a substance use disorder is an ongoing journey—and the trip is not always smooth. That is why it is so important to develop a range of skills that can help you maintain your sobriety when the going gets tough. Work-Related Stress One of the many things that can make recovery difficult is stress...
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