You Deserve Freedom


December 2020
attractive couple doing yoga stretches - recovery yoga
You might be surprised to discover that Bel Aire Recovery Center offers yoga for folks who are going through substance use disorder treatment at our facility. It might seem as though we are just trying to grab onto a trend as a way to entice you into choosing our center over other options for treatment....
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white oblong tablet on dark blue paper background - Xanax
Some prescription drugs become well known in popular culture, especially drugs related to the treatment of anxiety. Any number of neurotic or anxious characters who appear in comedies—think of any character ever played by Woody Allen, for example—may namecheck a pharmaceutical to get a laugh. Use and Misuse Xanax, a drug often prescribed for anxiety,...
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tiny seedling growing up through cracked tile - hope
Sometimes the fear of the unknown is enough to discourage us from getting help—even when we know we need it. But other times, it isn’t the unknown that scares us. It’s what we think we know that can be problematic. Avoiding the Unknown Maybe you have been avoiding a new restaurant in your neighborhood because...
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