You Deserve Freedom


September 2020
silhouette of exhausted woman on stationary bike - substitute addictions
Substitutions When it comes to substitutions, some are good and some are bad and some are complicated. Substituting a new player for a tired or injured player in sports: good. Substitute teachers: bad (though it’s no picnic for them, either). Sugar substitutes: pluses and minuses. In the context of substance use disorder recovery, substitute addictions...
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group therapy meeting - skills and recovery
Many people worry that going through treatment for a substance use disorder will not really work for them. Sure, they might get sober and stay sober for the duration of residential treatment. But then they have to head back out into the regular, everyday world—the place they were when they were abusing drugs or alcohol....
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bright illustration - person in cage, inside of head silhouette - fear
Sometimes, we know exactly what we need to do. But we might be afraid to do it. Fear can bring us to a standstill—keeping us from doing the thing we need to do. It is a common—and frustrating—cycle. A Dangerous Cycle It’s likely you have experienced this sort of cycle in your own life in...
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